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Speaking Titan II

2076-2-11 / 2019-05-25

On 25th May 2019, Speaking Titan II was organized by Rotaract Club of Kantipur with the objective of training selected and interested students of the Read More

Official ZRR Club Visit

2076-1-4 / 2019-04-17

On the 17th of  April, ZRR Rtr. Bandana Adhikary visited Rac Kantipur. There were 12 members present along with three guests. The meeting Read More

2nd PS meet and PETS / SETS

2075-12-23 / 2019-04-06

On April 6th, PS meet was held in the beautiful city of Illam. It was a one-day event. PS meet is held twice a year and it was the 2nd PS meet and Read More

Magic Show at Orphanage Home

2075-12-1 / 2019-03-15

Rotatact Club of kantipur successfully completed 5th day of Rotaract week celebration by conducting Magical Show by Rtn.Tony Mago from Rotary Club of Read More

International Women's Day Luncheon

2075-11-24 / 2019-03-08

President Rtr. Akriti Bhattarai and IPP Rtr. Shristi Tripathi participated in the luncheon with the women entrepreneurs and the organizations led by Read More

In house Debate Competition

2075-11-11 / 2019-02-23

Conducted  in- house debate competition on the subject, " This house would ban the sites which are not registered in Nepal". The Read More

Awareness about Good Touch and Bad Touch, Menstrual Hygiene Awareness & Sanitary Pad Distribution

2075-11-6 / 2019-02-18

On 18th February Rotaract Club of Kantipur conducted awareness sessions on the topic "Good Touch and Bad Touch" for the grade of 4 Read More

Guest Speaker Session with Saswot Raj Sharma

2075-10-19 / 2019-02-02

Entrepreneur Mr. Saswot shared his experience and views on Business Mindset after the general meeting of the Club.
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Mr. and Ms. Rotaract Audition- Kathmandu Region

2075-10-12 / 2019-01-26

On 26th Jan, 2019, the club hosted the Kathmandu Region audition. There were three different judges panel consisting of Rotarians, entrepreneurs Read More

11th District Conference

2075-10-5 / 2019-01-19

On January 19, Rotaract Club of Kantipur's President Rtr. Akriti Bhattarai, Immediate Past President Rtr. Shristi Tripathi, President-elect Rtr Read More

Friendly Futsal with Rotaract Club of Bagmati

2075-9-14 / 2018-12-29

On 29th December, Rotaract club of Kantipur and Rotaract Club of Bagmati organized friendly futsal match at Bansbari to build the fellowship and Read More

Christmas Celebration with Rotary Club of Kantipur

2075-9-10 / 2018-12-25

On 25th December, Rotaract Club of Kantipur hosted Christmas Day Celebration with Rotary Club of Kantipur along with some friends and guests. The Read More

Free Health Check-up

2075-8-22 / 2018-12-08

On 8th December, Rotaract Club of Kantipur, Innerwheel Club of Kantipur and Health at Home jointly conducted Health Check up of 50 children of Sunsar Read More

Bunglamukhi Temple Cleaning

2075-8-21 / 2018-12-07

Bunglamukhi temple cleaning and dustbins installation were done on 7th December 2018 jointly with the Innerwheel club of Kantipur.
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Charter Day Celebration

2075-8-8 / 2018-11-24

The charter day of Rac Kantipur is on 22nd November, 2002. The club celebrated chartered day with different rotaract clubs from RID 3292, with two Read More

Joint Dental Camp

2075-8-3 / 2018-11-19

On 19 November, Rotaract Club of Kantipur and Innerwheel Club of Kantipur supported Dental Camp which was organized Rotary Club of Kantipur and Read More

Free Health Camp

2075-8-1 / 2018-11-17

Together we can raise awareness for the serious health impact that Diabetes is causing in our life!! Rotaract club of Kantipur participated on Read More

Deusi Bhailo Program with Rotary Club of Kantipur

2075-7-19 / 2018-11-05

On 5th of November 2018, Rotaract Club of Kantipur celebrated Deusi Bhailo with Rotary Club of Kantipur and Innerwheel Club of Kantipur keeping up Read More

Letterhead Exchange with Rotaract Club of Kathmandu Mid- Town

2075-7-19 / 2018-11-05

On 5th of November, 2018, two clubs, Rotaract club of Kantipur and Rotarct Club of Kathmandu Mid Town exchanged letterhead to advance the rotaract Read More

Event Organising and Management Training

2075-7-17 / 2018-11-03

Founder of Open Space Network Ms . Faija Parween took a training session on event oraganisation and management. The event was jointly hosted and Read More

3rd zonal meeting of Zone VI

2075-7-17 / 2018-11-03

The meeting was hosted by RAC Kantipur at Nepal Chamber of Commerce on 3rd November 2018. Meeting started at 11:30 am and ended at 12:30 pm. There Read More

Global Hand Wash Day-Training Program

2075-6-16 / 2018-10-02

Rotaract Club of Kantipur is hosted Hand Wash Training Program on 2nd of October, 2018 at Shree Panchakanya Secondary School, Chhauni, Kathmandu in Read More

First PS meet

2075-6-6 / 2018-09-22

District Rotaract Representative Suraj Poudel gave presentation on financial report of Rota Year 18/19. The program was followed by discussion on Read More

Peace Day Celebration

2075-6-5 / 2018-09-21

Peace day celebration was conducted in Apex College by making rangoli representing peace followed by lightening candles.
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Blood Donation Program

2075-6-4 / 2018-09-20

  Rotaract kantipur successfully conducted Blood donation Program on 20th September at Teaching Hospital which was Sponsored by Innerwheel Club Read More

Blood Donation Program

2075-6-4 / 2018-09-20

Innerwheel club hosted Blood Donation at Teaching with co-hosts Rotaract Club of Kantipur and Rotaract Club of Matribhumi Baluwatar IOM.
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Twinship Formation with Rotaract Club of Himalayan Patan

2075-5-30 / 2018-09-15

Formation of twin club relationship with RAC Himalayan Patan to mutually undertake joint projects and other necessary effort to maintain the Read More

Letterhead Exchange with Rotaract Club of Barbati

2075-5-12 / 2018-08-28

Letterhead Exchange with Rotaract Club of Barbati with the basic motto of fellowship and serve the purpose of the Rotaract Movement.
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Birthday celebration of Newly inducted member Rtr. Abhishek Purbey

2075-4-26 / 2018-08-11

On 11th August birthday celebration of Newly inducted member Rtr. Abishek Purbey 
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Sixth Installation Ceremony of Innerwheel

2075-4-22 / 2018-08-07

Presidency handover from Mrs. Arpana Pokharel  to Mrs. Neelam Yonzan and aknowlgement at 6th Installation Ceremony of Inner Wheel Club of Read More

Rota Jive 2018

2075-4-19 / 2018-08-04

Rota Jive 2018 happened at 4th of August 2018 at The Green Cafe, Tinkune. Rota Jive is the mega annual Dance Party with a social cause of Read More

Friendship day and Farewell of Rtr. Prabesh Paudel

2075-4-19 / 2018-08-04

We celebrated friendship day on 4th of August 2018 at the Chicken Station, New Baneshwor. On the first week of August, rotaractors and Read More

Mehendi For a Cause

2075-4-14 / 2018-07-30

The event was organized for fundraising to financially support one of the club’s Signature project called the project "Hope for Education Read More

Mehendi For a Cause

2075-4-14 / 2018-07-30

The club organized Mehendi for a cause in the month of  Shrawan when girls and women put henna on their hands and feet in a belief that the Read More

First meeting and friendly Futsal Match

2075-4-12 / 2018-07-28

First meeting was conducted followed by friendly futsal match to build strong team building within the club

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Green Hands, The Global Tree Plantation Movement

2075-4-10 / 2018-07-26

On 26th July, 2018 Rotaract club of Kathmandu Medical College successfully conducted a plantation program at Gairigaun, Tinkune. This plantation Read More

Computer Handover and Stationery Materials Distribution Program

2075-4-6 / 2018-07-22

On 21st of July, 2018, the team of rotaractors from Rotaract Club of Kantipur and the Rotaract Club of Damauli jointly organised computer handover Read More

Seventh Installation Ceremony of Interact

2075-4-5 / 2018-07-21

7th Installation Ceremony concludes with a total of 165 participants and 3 MOU signed between 6 clubs and a MOU with paperback mag as the official Read More

6th Installation Ceremony

2075-3-30 / 2018-07-14

The 6th installation ceremony was celebrated at Siddartha Foodland on 14th of July where presidency handover by Immediate Past President Rtr. Shristi Read More

Last Meeting RY 17/18 and 4th Club Assembly

2075-3-16 / 2018-06-30

Last club assembly was conducted in the presence of past president and Rotaractors and farwell to President Rtr.Shristi Tripathi for successful Read More

Last Meeting RY 17/18 and 4th Club Assembly

2075-3-16 / 2018-06-30

Last club assembly was conducted in the presence of past president and Rotaractors and farwell to President Rtr.Shristi Tripathi for successful Read More

"TheUglyDuckling" Drama For The project Hope for education-II

2075-2-7 / 2018-05-21

“The Ugly Duckling” कुरुप हाँस 

Mandala Theatre Nepal’s stage is going to be symphonized by the Read More

Cyber Security Training

2075-1-8 / 2018-04-21

Cyber crime, or computer oriented crime, is a crime that involves a computer and a network. Despite of investing million in technology, many of us Read More

Official DRR'S Visit

2074-12-18 / 2018-04-01

We are honoured to have our DRR Rtr.Suraj Paudel,District Secretary Rtr.Pradip Dhital ,ZRR Rtr.Sagar Mall Thakuri , President of Rotary club of Read More

HopeForEducation -1

2074-12-4 / 2018-03-18

RAC Kantipur successful completed HopeForEducation -1 at Sindhupalchok,Sangabari .On 18th March 2018 on the last day of Rota Week RAC Kantipur Read More

Letter Head Exchange with RAC Ramna.

2074-11-14 / 2018-02-26

letter head exchange 
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Letter Head Exchange with RAC Damauli

2074-11-12 / 2018-02-24

Letter head exchange 
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2074-10-24 / 2018-02-07

letter head exchange 
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10th Rotaract District Conference

2074-10-12 / 2018-01-26

10th Rotaract District Conference was one of the major event of Rotaract Nepal which was held on 26th Jaunuary and 27th January 2018 at Chitwan, the Read More

Zone VI Zonal Picnic 2018

2074-9-29 / 2018-01-13

Zonal picnic was organised for the refeshment and fellowship .it was wonderful to metup different clubs and share a day with them.
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Financial Literacy and Training program

2074-9-22 / 2018-01-06

Rotaract Club Kantipur with support of NIC Asia Bank and SAIM College has organied Financial Literacy and Training program on Auditorium hall of SAIM Read More

Nepali Topi Photo Competition

2074-9-17 / 2018-01-01

To mark "International Nepali Topic Day"RAC  have organised Photo competition. Nepali Topi which is the symbol of pride. Dhaka Topi Read More

speaking Titans 2017

2074-9-8 / 2017-12-23

On 23 Dec 2017 RAC Kantipur Conducted “Speaking Titans” Training and competition.This event was conducted in order to inhence the skill Read More

ZRR 2017

2074-9-1 / 2017-12-16

On 2017/12/16 Official ZRR Visited was successfully contucted in the presence of ZRR Rtr,Sagar Malla Thakuri and ZS Rtr.Bandana Adhikari .
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Club Assembly Of Inner Wheel Of Kantipur

2074-8-27 / 2017-12-13

Innerwheel Kantipur club Assembly and DC visit
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Act Asia Nepal 2017

2074-8-23 / 2017-12-09

Interact Nepal had organize Act Asia 2017 in Nepal from 8th December 2017-11th December 2017, an event founded as a platform for fellowship Read More

15th Charted Day celebration

2074-8-9 / 2017-11-25

On 25th of november RAC Kantipur Celebrated 15th chartered day .
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World Diabetes Day1207

2074-8-2 / 2017-11-18

On world diabetes day RAC Kantipur In collaboration with Nepal Diabetes society and Rotary Club Of kantipur has Organised Walkathon Read More

4th Late Sachin Memorial Nationwide Blood Donation Program

2074-7-25 / 2017-11-11

On 11th November, RAC Kantipur in collaboration with Rotaract Clubs of Dillibazar, Rajdhani, KTM Metro, and Themes Internationa organized a Read More

Joint Global dental camp with Rotary phase 2 2017

2074-7-21 / 2017-11-07

Free dental check service to governmant school students 
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Joint Educational Materials Distribution program

2074-7-20 / 2017-11-06

This event was jointly organised with twin clun RAC Damuli. to support and motivate students to go to schoola nd to spread awarness of important of Read More

Joint Global dental camp with Rotary 2017

2074-7-16 / 2017-11-02

Dentel camp was organised by rotary club of kantipur and rotary club of denever south U.S in order to provide free dental camp to the sgovernment Read More

Deusi Bhailo Program

2074-6-31 / 2017-10-17

This event is on eof the major event of RAC Kantipur.Deusi Bhailo Program is organised in order to celebrate Tihar and enjoy the bonding of Read More

Fellowship program with twin club

2074-6-30 / 2017-10-16

Friendly visit to twin club
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Global Hand Wash Day 2017

2074-6-27 / 2017-10-13

Global hand washing day 2017 was celebrated by the club by organising an awareness porgram at ShreeShanti Vidhyaashram, jointly organised a Read More

Know The Law

2074-6-21 / 2017-10-07

This event was design to aware people about the law that every single person should be aware about and how gender biases is effecting people ." Read More

1st Rotaract UNESCO Cultural Eve 2017

2074-6-8 / 2017-09-24


The main motive of the 1st Rotaract UNESCO Cultural Eve 2017 was to promote culture and to promote its diversity.This event was organized Read More

International peace day 2017 - RAC Kantipur

2074-6-5 / 2017-09-21

On the special occasion of International Peace Day, Rotaract Club of Pashupati  organized an annual peace event by lighting Wish Lanterns for Read More

International peace day 2017

2074-6-5 / 2017-09-21

On the special occasion of International Peace Day, Rotaract Club of Pashupati  organized an annual peace event by lighting Wish Lanterns for Read More

PS MEET 2017(Presidents and Secretaries meet)

2074-5-30 / 2017-09-15

Preseidents and Secretaries meet the platform for all clubs to present their views,agendas and also to place the changes that are required in Read More

Blood Donation Program

2074-5-30 / 2017-09-15

Successful conducted blood donation program @Chabhail Central Complex. Innerwheel of Kantipur In association with Chabhail Central Complex and was Read More

International First Aid Training 2017

2074-5-25 / 2017-09-10

Rotaract club of Kantipur successfully conducted the first aid workshop held on 10th September, 2017 for the celebration of International first aid Read More

COTS (Club Officers' Training Seminar) RY 17/18

2074-5-24 / 2017-09-09

COTS was joint oraganised by  RaC Kantipur - RaC Pashupati-Ktm - RaC Kathmandu-Metro -RaC Budhanilkantha Trainers: - Rtr. Dwarika Bhattarai Read More

Rota Jive 2017

2074-5-24 / 2017-09-09

Rota Jive was the mega annual Dance Party with a social cause organized by Rotaract Club of Dillibazar-Kathmandu. Rota Jive was organized Read More

Rota Splash

2074-5-23 / 2017-09-08

ROTA SPLASH is a pool party organized by RaC Kantipur, RaC Durbarmarg, RaC Manohara, RaC Kathmandu Metropolis, RaC Balaju, RaC Kathmandu West and RaC Read More

DG Visit @Parental club. RC Kantipur

2074-5-19 / 2017-09-04

DG Visit at Parental club 
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Visit to SAP (Saphalta HIV Shikshya Sadan /BabyLifeHome)

2074-5-17 / 2017-09-02

Children with HIV-infection especially who are born in a less privileged community have to face very difficult challenges to provide a basic Read More

Relief Distribution at Musharbasti Siraha

2074-5-5 / 2017-08-21

•Relief was distributed to two village of Musahar Basti in Sirah district targeted for 100 families.

•Rice, chow chow, clothes, copy Read More

Teej Celebration with Zone 6

2074-5-3 / 2017-08-19

This event was organised in order to help the flood victims through Teej Daar Fellowship!

Respecting Women Helping Victims!

it was fund raising Read More

Relief Distribution

2074-5-3 / 2017-08-19


We are glad to share with you about the Relief Materials distribution at Sarlahi .

We Rotaract Club of Kantipur with the support of Read More

President Night 2017

2074-4-27 / 2017-08-11

Rotaract Presidents Night was hosted byRotaract Club Of Gorkha at Historical and Beautiful City Gorkha.

It was an event to build new connection Read More

Friendship Day Celebration

2074-4-23 / 2017-08-07

This event was organise to celebrate friendshipday and it was great platform for fellowship 
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100 Meeting celebration

2074-4-21 / 2017-08-05


In order to mark the achievement of 100th meetings RAC Kantipur celebrated 100thmeeting by organizing different events in the presence of Read More

1st Club Assembly RY17/18

2074-4-14 / 2017-07-29

First club assembly for the RY 17/18.Club assembly was conducted to discuss about the upcoming projects.
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2074-4-8 / 2017-07-23

This event was organised to share planning about RY 17/18 and Introduction about Presidents and other members .Representatives from 17 rotaract clubs Read More

5th installation ceremony of Inner Wheel Club of kantipur .

2074-4-8 / 2017-07-23

5th installation ceremony of Inner Wheel Club of kantipur .
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5th installation ceremony of Inner Wheel Club of kantipur .

2074-4-8 / 2017-07-23

5th installation ceremony of Inner Wheel Club of kantipur .
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Health And Happiness

2074-4-7 / 2017-07-22

Successfully conducted workshop in health and happiness. What a wonder journey it was.Journey that takes us to know who we are? What is the meaning Read More

18th Installation Ceremony of Our sponsoring Club: RC Kantipur

2074-4-2 / 2017-07-17

Installation ceremony of rotary club of kantipur 
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5th Installation Ceremony

2074-3-24 / 2017-07-08

One 8th JULY 2017 INSTALLTION ceremony was conducted.
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Holi celebration

2017-03-12 / 2017-03-12

Holi celebration was on 12 March, 2017. RAC kantipur members particpated in the holi utsav organised by RAC Rudramati Babrmahal and RAC manohara Read More

Goodwill visit to RC Dhangadhi

2016-12-09 / 2016-12-09

Goodwill visit to Rotary club of Dhangadi was done by Rtr. Usha Kasyap at 6:30 to 7:30 pm in  The Rubus Hotel, Dhangadi.

We are thankful Read More

Financial literacy initiative

2016-12-03 / 2016-12-03

The members of RAC Kantipur have participated to the Financial Lietracy Initiative organized by Entrepreneurs Nepal on Dec 03, 2016.

The guest Read More

Zonal Picnic

2016-11-26 / 2016-11-26

The members of RAC Kantipur has participated in the zonal picnic .
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Celebrating Chhath

2016-11-06 / 2016-11-06

Chhath is celebrated mostly in Terai regions of Nepal by the madhesi people. They worship goddess Chhathi mata for the longitivity and betterment Read More

Polio Rally

2016-10-24 / 2016-10-24

RAC kantpur has participated in Poloio Rally organized by Polio Plus Committe. The rally started from Rotary hally thapathali to Mangalbazar via Read More

Int'l handwashing Day

2016-10-21 / 2016-10-21

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Dashain Tihar Chhath Greeting Exchange

2016-10-03 / 2016-10-03

Members of RAC Kantipur have participated in greetings and Kites exchange program hosted by RAC Pashupati Ktm. The program has helped to build Read More

Int'l Peace Day celebration

2016-09-21 / 2016-09-21

Sept 21, marked as The International Peace Day commemorates the fallen soldiers and civilians in the era of wars around the world. The day is Read More

Friendly Futsal Match

2016-08-06 / 2016-08-06

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2016-07-02 / 2016-07-02

On July 2nd 2016, the 4th Installation ceremony( after revival) was organised at Maan naam/ BBQ Cafe at Naxal Bhatbhateni. The chief guest was DG Read More

School Inaguration and Celebration of Tamhu Loshar

2016-01-30 / 2016-01-30

Shree Seti Devi School was reconstructed on the monetary support provided by RAC kantipur. The school was inagurated by President 16-17 Rtr Read More

Reconstruction Shree Seti Devi School

2016-01-20 / 2016-01-20

Setidevi Primary School of Sangbari, Maneswara, Sindhupalchok only has a common room for 5 classes.  Its original building was totally Read More


2016-01-16 / 2016-01-16

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2016-01-09 / 2016-01-09

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2016-01-02 / 2016-01-02

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2015-12-26 / 2015-12-26

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Christmas day celebration

2015-12-24 / 2015-12-24

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2015-11-21 / 2015-11-21

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2015-10-17 / 2015-10-17

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2015-10-15 / 2015-10-15

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2015-10-13 / 2015-10-13

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2015-10-10 / 2015-10-10

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2015-09-05 / 2015-09-05

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futsal program

2015-08-29 / 2015-08-29

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Charity Show For Earthquake Victimize Girl Child

2015-08-26 / 2015-08-26

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2015-08-22 / 2015-08-22

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friendship day celebration

2015-08-02 / 2015-08-02

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2015-08-01 / 2015-08-01

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Lunch Progrm For Earthquake effected Victims

2015-07-25 / 2015-07-25

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Installation Ceremony

2015-07-04 / 2015-07-04

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Zonal meeting 8th

2015-04-28 / 2015-04-28

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Hoi celebration

2015-04-05 / 2015-04-05

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2015-03-21 / 2015-03-21

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ringa ringa roses

2015-02-14 / 2015-02-14

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district confrence

2015-02-01 / 2015-02-01

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joint meeting

2015-01-24 / 2015-01-24

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2014-12-27 / 2014-12-27

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Inter club futsal tournament

2014-12-20 / 2014-12-20

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charter day clebration

2014-11-22 / 2014-11-22

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club assembly

2014-11-08 / 2014-11-08

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Twin club formation

2014-11-08 / 2014-11-08

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Dance party

2014-11-01 / 2014-11-01

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Dheusi bhailo program

2014-10-23 / 2014-10-23

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frst ps meet

2014-10-20 / 2014-10-20

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Joint meting with rac reliance and rac pashupati

2014-10-18 / 2014-10-18

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teej fellowship program

2014-08-26 / 2014-08-26

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fifth avenue

2014-08-01 / 2014-08-01

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2014-07-19 / 2014-07-19

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2014-07-11 / 2014-07-11

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installation ceremony

2014-07-11 / 2014-07-11

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7th district assembly

2014-07-05 / 2014-07-05

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Road Safety Exhibition

2014-05-15 / 2014-05-15

Rotaract Club of Kantipur co-hosted the Road Safety Exhibition which happened from Jestha 1 to Jestha 3, 2071 where around 1 and half lakh people Read More

ChiyaCoffee Program

2014-04-18 / 2014-04-18

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Food and Cloths Distribution

2014-04-16 / 2014-04-16

RAC-Kantipur Contributed foods of worth Rs.1000 and clothes from Two French to the SAP Area -Baby Life Home.
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2014-03-26 / 2014-03-26

Members of Rotaract Club of Kantipur went in Jersing pauwa on 26th March 2014 for the PICNIC.
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Neuropathy Camp

2014-03-22 / 2014-03-22

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Joint Meeting

2014-03-15 / 2014-03-15

 RAC-Kantipur conducted joint meeting with  RAC-Swayambhu followd by Tabble Tennis Competition.
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Zonal Futsal

2014-02-01 / 2014-02-01

Members of Rotaract Club of Kantipur Participated in the Zonal Futsal  hosted by ZONE VI on 1st of Feb., 2014 at Rave Futsal Center Read More

Birthday celebration

2014-01-18 / 2014-01-18

Rotaract Club of Kantipur celebrated the Birthday of Bibush Shakya(Proposed Member) and Rtr.Bimala Katwal in K & K international College on Read More

Birthday Celebration

2014-01-11 / 2014-01-11

Rotaract Club of Kantipur  celedrated the birthday of its International Service committee chair, Rtr.Ravi Shakya and Public Service Officer Read More

First Aid Training

2014-01-11 / 2014-01-11

Four members of Roataract Club of Kantipur participated in the First Aid Training provided by the RAC-Swayambu and RAC-Dharan Ghopa in Thames Read More

Participation in District Conference

2013-12-27 / 2013-12-27

Eight members of Rotaract Club of Kantipur participated in the 6th Rotaract District Conference held in St. Xavier School on 27th and 28th Dec Read More

Birthday celebration and Christmas Celebration

2013-12-25 / 2013-12-25

27 members of Rotaract Club of Kantipur Celedrated birthday of Rtr.Ram Karki, Rtr.Amit Yadav, Rtr.Uddav Dhakal and Rtr. Nilam Kc as well to Read More

School School ma Traffic Awareness Program, phase III

2013-12-24 / 2013-12-24

RAC-Kantipur jointly with RC-kantipur and Metro Traffice Police conducted a Traffice Awareness Program in Mangolayadaya School, Thankot on 24th Read More

Letter Head Exchange with Rotaract Club of Pokhata Fistail

2013-12-22 / 2013-12-22

Rtr.Amrit Chaudhary, SAP-Director of Rotaract Club of Kantipur involve in letter exchange with the Rtr.Nangsang gurung President of RAC-Pokhara Read More

RAC-Kantipur Drama Show

2013-12-21 / 2013-12-21

RAC-Kantipur  with the Support  of RC-kantipur successfully conducted RAC-Kantipur Drama Show "Degree Maila"on 21st Dec Read More

National Immunization Day(POLIO DAY)

2013-12-21 / 2013-12-21

26 members of RAC-Kantipur along with the 4 Rotarians from Rotary CLub of Kantipur participated in the National Immunization Day covering ward No Read More

School School ma Traffic Awareness Program

2013-12-12 / 2013-12-12

RAc-Kantipur jointly with RC-kantipur,RAC-Kathmandu North and Metro Traffice Police conducted a Traffice Awareness Program in Shiva Puri School in Read More

Joint Meeting

2013-12-07 / 2013-12-07

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Charter Day Celebration

2013-11-23 / 2013-11-23

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Charter Day Celebration of RAC-Kathmandu

2013-11-10 / 2013-11-10

Rtr.Anit K. Mishra, Rtr.Ram Karki and Rtr.Rajendra Prajapati participated in the Charter Day Celebration of RAC-Kathmandu on 10th Nov., 2013 in Read More

Birthday Celebration

2013-11-09 / 2013-11-09

On 9th Nov., 2013, Rotaract Club of Kantipur celebrated the Birthday of Rtr.Anit Mishra and Rtr.Ayusha Thapa.A cake was cut and celebrated. Read More

World Diabetes Day Celebration

2013-11-09 / 2013-11-09

Rotary club of Kantipur and Nepal diabetes society organized health check up program and internation program in Nepal Academy Hall on 9th Nov Read More

5th Zonal Meeting

2013-11-09 / 2013-11-09

Rotaract Club of Kantipur hosted the 5th Zonal Meeting of Zone 6 in K & K International College on 9th Nov., 2013.10 clubs made their presence Read More

International Logo Competition

2013-11-09 / 2013-11-09

Rotaract Club Of Kantipur participated in the international Logo Competition organized by Rotaract Club Of Kathmandu Mid-Town  On 5th Read More

Outing, Hiking and Picnic

2013-10-26 / 2013-10-26

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Master of Ceremony Training

2013-10-22 / 2013-10-22

Members of RAC-Kantipur Rtr.Anit kr. Mishra, Rtr. Tripti Mishra and Rtr.Saroj Bhattrai Khatri participated in the Master of Ceremony Training Read More

Traffic Awareness Program

2013-10-12 / 2013-10-12

Rotaract Club of Kantipur  organized  Traffic Awareness Program  jointly with Leo Club Of Kathmandu Himalayan Patan .The Awareness Read More

Food Distribution in Helpless Colony Orphanage, Pasikot, Narayanthan

2013-10-10 / 2013-10-10

Members of RAC-Kantipur Participated in the SAP Area of RAC-Swayambhu and contribute foods there in the  Helpless Colony Orphanage, Pasikot Read More

Dashain Tea Party

2013-10-07 / 2013-10-07

Rtr.Kishwor Bartaula, president of Rotaract Club of Kantipur participated in the Dashain tea party organized by Rotaract Club of Kathmandu Mid Read More

Dashain Cultural program

2013-10-05 / 2013-10-05

Rtr.Kishwor Bartaula, President of RAC-Kantipur participated in the Dashain Cultural program organized by RAC-kathmandu on 5th October, 2013.
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Dashain Dinner party

2013-10-04 / 2013-10-04

Rotaract club of Kantipur jointly with its Rotary organized the Dashain Dinner party to collect the fund.Rotaractors, Rotarians and other guests Read More

Interaction Program on Traffic situation in Nepal

2013-09-24 / 2013-09-24

Rotaract Club of Kantipur  jointly with Rotary Club of Kantipur Conducted the interaction program  with Nepal Traffic Police on  Read More

Clean Up Nepal and Clean Bagmati

2013-09-21 / 2013-09-21



Rotaract Club Of Kantipur  organized and participated in the Cleaning Program

In New Baneswor  and  Read More

Goodwill Visit

2013-09-01 / 2013-09-01


Rotaract Club Of Kantipur made Goodwill Visit In Rac-Kathmandu on 1st of September, 2013.Seven members of the RAC-Kantipur participated Read More


2013-08-27 / 2013-08-27

Report of Installation Ceremony of RAC-Kantipur after Revival

Program: Installation Ceremony of Rotaract Club Of Kantipur

Objective:To Read More

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